About Us

An acquaintance to the product

Zscart has been developed to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses to sell products and services online.ZS Cart is basically a web application written using PHP which aids you to sell your products online, which can be compared to that of an online store. The product will simulate all the tasks involved in a busy store. We provide our customers everything they need to set up, design, and manage a storefront.

Methodology of offering the service

You may avail the services of this product on a rental basis(SAAS concept). The amicable user interface deserves a special mention. MySQL database is made use for the purpose. Exploit the SAAS concept to free yourself from the annoying inconveniences associated with hosting the product in your system. The source code will be available with us, we will provide you with a username and password for your account. By using those information you can manage your store from anywhere in the world by just requiring an internet connection.

Positive aspects of ZS Cart

The design team has taken care to avoid unnecessary complexities , which may pose practical issues in the online trade. There are a couple of new features in this product which the open source products do not offer. There is no scarcity for good features in this product. There is no prerequisite that you should be familiar with the basics of PHP.
The Zscart Team is made up of hard-working, experienced, and dedicated professionals who are committed to the success of our customers.
ZS Cart contains hundreds of sophisticated features, and hence there is no scarcity of good features. Features such as advanced order management options, smart sales, time-saving store administration tools etc serve as a testimony to our statement. The product has been nurtured after a thorough scrutiny of users requirements, valuable inputs and the feasibility of bringing those suggestions into actions.It has a built it AJAX functionality and a drag and drop interface for quick access to products. Zscart has a powerful product search feature and an extended product image upload, which allows for six additional images per product - all purchases are confirmed by automatic email.
Customer satisfaction is utmost important to us. Our goal is to continuously deliver a service that exceeds our customers expectations