ZS Cart Latest NewsZS Cart Latest Newshttp://www.zscart.com/http://www.zscart.com/Release of ZS CartWe constantly work on service improvement to make online shopping easier for your customers. We pleased to announce that we have improved the website design and usability based on customer feedback . It also enabled to reach its target customers more effectively, and enhance their visitor experience.http://www.zscart.com/news.htmlThe Latest EnhancementThe latest enhancement in the Zscart is the Search feature. Search based on Price and brand adds a powerful new interface to search feature. Giving the user a option - search by brand and price while searching , we hope that users will be able to find exactly what they want substantially faster.http://www.zscart.com/news.htmlZS Cart New FunctionalitiesWe are pleased to announce that following new functionality is added in the Zscart. The new functionality areUser can see the similar Items and Recently Viewed Products list in the left side of product detail page. Gallery View for Product image that enhance user's experience and gives them a more robust view of what they're purchasing is a good thing. http://www.zscart.com/news.htmlNew Features of ZS CartWe are excited to announce that we have added a new features in Zscart is not only add ease of use for the businesses but enable you to attract the customer.The newly added features areCategory count : Near to the Category, The number of items posted in the particular category will be displayed. This will be easier for your customer to findout the products and easily. Improved Admin Panel Layout Site statistics in main pagehttp://www.zscart.com/news.html